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Interview by Dr. Shann Ferch

Dr. Shann Ferch, Professor in the Doctoral Program of Leadership Studies at the Gonzaga University in Washington, USA, interviewed Corazon C. Aquino in November 2004 while he was in the Philippines for a conference on Servant Leadership.  The video interview covers the following topics:

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Cory at 75: Looking through a Diamond

On the eve of her 75th birthday, Cory Aquino was interviewed by Joanne Rae M. Ramirez for a feature story in The Philippine Star.  Excerpts of the interview were published in the national daily--the first part on January 29, and the second, on January 31, 2008.

A Christmas Conversation

TIME Magazine's Hong Kong Bureau Chief William Stewart and Manila Reporter Nelly Sindayen did an interview with Mrs. Aquino after TIME named her Woman of the Year.  Excerpts of the interview appeared in the January 5, 1987 issue of the magazine.

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