Cory Aquino

Her Presidency



This part of the series provides a chronicle of some specific undertakings initiated by the Office of the President which, now, constitute part of the legacies of the Aquino government. It consists of eight volumes:

One With Her People details the ways by which President Aquino made real and easy to reach her people-powered presidency such that she became truly one with all Filipinos.

In The Face of Crisis seeks to shed light on the various crisis situations faced by the Aquino administration, particularly those that were posed by rebel forces from the left and the right. It illustrates how the President, as Commander-in-Chief, dealt with them. Also, by telling their stories, this volume pays tribute to the unsung heroes who stood alongside President Aquino against those who sought to derail the complete restoration of democracy in the country.

People Empowerment takes a look at the various NGO interventions the Aquino administration caused to happen - not only because these were strategic and of practical value at the time, but more so since active participation of people's organizations in nation-building is a basic tenet of the Aquino management of the presidency.

The Crowded City focuses on what measures the President of the Republic initiated to solve the gamut of problems that plagued Metro Manila. It relates how she constituted herself as a "committee of one" in order to transcend the seemingly endless disagreements among the elected local officials of the contiguous cities and to adopt a common program for the growing metropolis. This volume also talks of the fate of the Metro Manila Commission.

Power To The Regions details the ways by which the President ensured the institution of the people's hard-won democracy. Through various obstacles posed by political factions, self-interests, ideological and even cultural differences, she had remained steadfast in her desire to bring down to the people the instruments of power. Such that genuine freedom shall be in the hands of all Filipinos; not only during her time, but for generations to come.

The Rebuilder focuses on President Aquino as a crisis manager who utilized her insight into human character to full advantage; as in the case of her designating the key people who successfully orchestrated the massive reconstruction and rehabilitation work necessitated by the 1990 killer quake that struck Luzon. It also relates how the President's men used the fast track approach to infrastructure projects, even as they were conscious of the need for upright managers who would exercise stewardship over the vast financial resources at hand.

Bread and Dignity attempts to clarify the approach used by President Aquino in providing financial assistance to needy Filipinos. In going through this volume, the reader will note that the President shunned the dole-out approach. She had specifically directed that any form of financial assistance must be seen as investment, rather than as plain aid. She stressed that they must be used to help people get back on their feet and run their own lives, rather than to just make them dependent on what the government hands out. She has placed a premium on human dignity as the net worth of financial assistance.

Her People's Emissary outlines the results of the President's quest for international goodwill as well as the meticulous spadework that went into the preparations for all of the state visits that made such quest possible. This volume also presents the clear contrast between President Aquino's approach to the preparation of her visits to that of her predecessor's.

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