Cory Aquino




From the Homily at the Mass in National Shrine of the Divine Child

by Bro. Roly Dizon, FSC
July 19, 2009
La Salle Greenhills, Mandaluyong City

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    As we gather together to pray for and with President Cory, today’s readings are very timely and apropos.  Jeremiah proclaims the theme of good shepherds who will care for the people, rule with justice and righteousness and lead the flock to peace and safety.  The Psalmist extols the Lord as a shepherd who guides him to right paths.  Ephesians speak of the Christ of peace, reconciliation and unity.  Matthew exhorts us to set our hearts on God’s Kingdom of justice and not to worry about tomorrow.
    President Cory has exemplified all these virtues and traits in abundant measure.  After prayerfully discerning that God wanted her to run for office, she pursued the task with single-minded courage and determination.  As President she governed with very clear values and principles.  Reconciliation?  Yes, but only with just  retribution.  Unity?  Yes, but based on moral conviction, not pragmatic compromise, and certainly never for personal gain.
    Cory’s deep, abiding faith in God’s providence has enabled her to face her infirmity with tranquility.  She has availed of the best medical treatment, but leaves the outcome to God’s wisdom and love.
    Like gold that’s tested by fire, a person’s character is tested by tribulation.  In all the trials sent her by God, Cory passed with flying colors.  She faced Ninoy’s imprisonment and brutal slaying with dignified courage.  She challenged a seemingly invincible dictatorship and restored freedom and democracy.  Now she stares cancer in the eye and not only accepts it in humble resignation, but even thanks God for the grace to share in Christ’s suffering.
    I think  if Cory were here, she would ask us to pray for her, yes, but more ardently that we pray with her for our people and our country.  Her wish now is probably that we have clean and credible elections in 2010, and that the winners will be genuine shepherds; authentic servant leaders who are totally committed to the common good, possessed of unquestionable honesty and integrity like hers, and govern with wisdom and competence.  Her ardent prayer is probably that soon there will be an end to the injustice, greed, corruption and  poverty that bedevil our nation.
    My friends, let us show our love and gratitude to Cory by following her example of loving and serving our people wholeheartedly.  Let us sacrifice and work together to restore pride and respect for our country.
    Thank you President Cory, from the bottom of our hearts!  Mabuhay ka, minamahal naming ina!




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