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Restoring Democracy by the Ways of Democracy
Delivered during the Joint Session of the United States Congress, Washington, D.C.
September 18, 1986

Three years ago, I left America in grief to bury my husband, Ninoy Aquino. I thought I had left it also to lay to rest his restless dream of Philippine freedom. Today, I have returned as the president of a free people.

Coming to Power in Peace, Keeping the Peace in Power
Delivered at the Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
November 12, 1986

As I came to power peacefully, so shall I keep it. This is my contract with my people and my commitment to God. The way of nonviolence had not exhausted itself in the struggle for Filipino freedom. It has the potential to give our nation a lasting and honorable peace as well.

The Challenge of the Constitution: A Just, Progressive, and Democratic Philippines
Delivered at the Folk Arts Theater
November 28, 1986

This constitution is not intended to solve our problems. It is intended to present the greatest challenge our nation has faced. That challenge is how to achieve our aspirations of a just and progressive country consistently with the democratic principles that Filipinos cannot live without.

Bringing Together A Nation Where Others Would Divide It
Delivered during the Businessman's Conference, Manila Hotel
October 20, 1987

Together our future can be as bright as we choose to make it. So judge my leadership as the sum of all our strengths. What sets me apart is that I bring us together where others would divide us as a nation. Those who challenge me, challenge us.

Ninoy's Friend
Delivered at the Santo Domingo Church
August 21, 1988

Ninoy’s captors, seeking to break his defiance, threw him into what was virtually a box. But unknown to them, his friend had slipped in with him. And there, in the utmost solitude and utter darkness of despair, Ninoy saw more vividly than in the full light of his days of freedom the true face of his friend and savior.

The State of the Nation Address 1991
Opening of the fifth Regular Session of the Congress of the Philippines
July 22, 1991

Yes, I could have done all those things that win wide acclaim, exiting as grandly as any president could wish. But while my power as president ends in 1992, my responsibility as a Filipino for the well-being of my country goes beyond it to my grave. A great part of that responsibility is to do the best I can today, according to my best lights, while I have the power to do it.

Reflections on Our Development
Delivered at the Peninsula Hotel
June 23, 1992

Self-respect. Stability. Restructuring. These have been the key strands in the warp and woof of a democracy with development. I daresay, the Aquino administration has done it justice. For these are the standards by which we strove to ensure coherence and consistency amidst the cacophony of many economic and development voices.

Farewell to the Armed Forces
Delivered at Camp Aguinaldo
June 25, 1992

It is fitting and proper that I should come here as one of my last acts of office; here among soldiers. For as I came to power, so have I chosen to leave it – who risked their lives and wagered everything to restore democracy, and stood by me in its defense. I can only praise you for your professionalism and thank you for your loyalty.

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