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Christmas Prayer (December 24, 1996)

O dear Jesus, Lord and Savior of us all
we adore You and we praise You
as we once again come together in prayer
to celebrate Your birthday.
We thank You, dear lord for the many blessings
we have received this year.
First of all, we want to thank You for the latest addition
to our family, Jacinta Patricia.
We thank You, too, for the successful surgeries
performed on Jonty and Joshua.
And also for the excellent recovery of Jiggy from dengue fever.
We are all happy and proud that Miguel made it
on the basketball team.
And we are so relieved that Kiko has managed to stay quite
Of course, we are constantly amazed at
Nina’s goodness and thoughtfulness.
Truly, You have given me many joyful moments
because of my seven grand-children.
Even as we thank You, Lord,
we humbly ask for more favors.
Please bless all of us here present
and all those we love and pray for, the gift of good health,
and in particular President Fidel Ramos.
Give us the grace to always trust in You
and to surrender ourselves to Your loving care.
Help us in the coming year to deal
with whatever problems we shall encounter.
And most important of all, draw us ever closer to You,
Dear Jesus, with every passing day.



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