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Come, Come to My Aid (October 3, 1994)

Almighty God, Our Father
Come, come to my aid
And put my enemies in dread of You.
Have pity on me, O Lord
And relieve the troubles of my heart.
My words no longer matter
For ears that can hear
No longer want to hear.
My deeds seem worthless
For eyes that can see
No longer want to see.
You alone are my hope, Most merciful God
To You alone I surrender my soul.
I know that You will hearken to the sound of my prayer
For great has been Your kindness to me
In times of suffering and distress.
Teach me to humbly wait
And to be constant in my prayers.
Let me praise Your Holy Name
From the rising to the setting of the sun
Proclaiming Your Goodness before
Your faithful ones.
Thanks be to God, forever and ever.




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