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Pray for Enlightenment and Discernment

Ateneo de Manila University
July 1, 2005 

Let me thank first all of the Jesuit Provincial, Father Danny Huang, S.J. for all the arrangements for this afternoon's prayer for peace for our country.  Thank you to their Excellencies, Bishop Honesto Ongtioco and Bishop Chito Tagle.  And let me thank each and everyone of you for coming here this afternoon as together we pray for enlightenment so that we can do what is best for our country. 

A number of friends have asked me what it is that we can do at this time given the very worrisome political situation.  No one knows everything.  Only God knows all.  But I believe that if we pray, sincerely and continuously, God will share his knowledge with us and show us the way. 

I urge us all to pray for enlightenment and discernment.  Let us also remember Cardinal Sin in our prayers and like him, let us commit ourselves to the cause of truth, justice and peace at whatever price to ourselves. 

Let me repeat what I said yesterday.  I will always stand by the Constitution as I believe the Constitution contains all the ways by which one may safely effect even the most difficult political changes. 

Even as we pray, let us also be involved with the concerns of our underprivileged brothers and sisters.  At the instance of Ambassador Howard Dee of the Assisi Foundation, I have chosen to involve myself and the Aquino Foundation in micro-finance activities and on the invitation of Tony Meloto, I have also participated in the Gawad Kalinga housing projects.  His Excellency, Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales has asked all of us to help in his program, Pondo ng Pinoy.  I am sure that many of you are also doing your share of alleviating poverty and I hope you will continue to give of your best efforts to help bring about a better Philippines. 

Let us continue to pray for enlightenment so that we can bring about a better life for all of us Filipinos.  I shall ask other schools to host similar prayer activities and I hope you will continue to join me in praying for our country.

Maraming salamat at mabuhay ang mamamayang Pilipino.



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