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The Works of Cory Aquino

When her popular husband was alive, Cory was quite content living in his shadow and found no need or inclination to speak publicly about anything during the first 50 years of her life. But Ninoy’s assassination in August 1983 made her the most prominent victim of an oppressive regime. She began sharing her pain and, before long, she grew comfortable speaking about themes like freedom, democracy, spirituality and People Power.

  • pre-presidency (1983 to 1986)
  • presidency (1986 to 1992)
  • post-presidency  (1992 to present)

Cory has her share of intellectual gifts but hardly found need to over-exert her mind as the wife of a consummate politician and as mother of five. As historical circumstances reshaped her role in life, she drew from her main source of strength: her faith. This served her well during the tormenting years of Ninoy’s incarceration and the extremely challenging times after his death. She went through moments of doubt and uncertainty but each time found solace and guidance through her personal communion with God.

In 1996, Cory took an active interest in painting under the tutelage of artist Jeff Consumo. Next to prayer, painting became a favored mode of keeping her mind active and her sense of humanity intact. Although she has participated in a joint exhibit with friends and has sold some of her works to raise funds for her advocacies, she does not profess to be a professional painter. She likes to paint flowers and women, usually in oil or acrylic on canvas.

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