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Cory's Sixty-sixth Birthday (January 25, 1999)

Almighty God, Most Merciful Father
I adore You and I praise You!
For all the blessings of the past
I thank You, Lord.
For all the love and joys of tomorrow
I thank You, Lord.

For all the times I forgot to thank You
Forgive me, Lord.
For all the times I thought only of myself,
Forgive me, Lord.
O dear Jesus, my Lord and my God!
Have mercy on me.
Teach me to be good and kind to all
Including those who have not been good and kind to me.

Almighty God, have mercy on me
And have mercy on all of us!
Please bless us every single day of our lives
So that we shall be prepared
When the final hour comes.  Amen.



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